​Clarksboro New Jersey

Sterling Boat Transport Llc Boat Hauling Coast to Coast - New Jersey Based


Sterling Boat Transport is authorized to operate in all 48 states of the Continental US.  I am located in South Jersey and specialize in transports along the east coast and the great lakes. 

Hydraulic Trailer
I utilize a 2012 custom built triple axle hydraulic trailer  that provides a soft and safe ride for your boat.  The trailer is designed so that your boat can be picked up or delivered on land without the services of a marina lift.  This enables you to store your boat at your home, business, or other location on blocks.  When you are ready to place her back into the water, we can easily lift her off of the blocking and make the delivery.

Blocking service - pickups and deliveries made easily on or from land.

Marina lift services - my trailer is designed for easy removal and placement of your boat by marina lift equipment

Transport Trailer

This trailer was custom designed and built by the fine folks at Loadmaster Trailer Company located in Port Clinton Ohio. The trailer is 42' in length and capable of hauling boats to 42' in length and up to 21,000 lbs. Boats are securely and safely supported by adjustable keep pads located every 3 feet and by 12 screw pads. The screw pads can be positioned in over 90 different pocket locations to ensure proper support. The trailer is capable of hauling 2 boats at one time. In addition to hauling boats, this trailer can haul cars as it has decking outward from the center keel area where tires will track for most automobiles. Due to the flexibility in design, I can haul other items such as LTL, motor cycles, heavy construction equipment, lawn and garden equipment, etc. 


Call or complete your inquiry on the contact page for a free, no obligation estimate for your boat hauling needs.  Don't forget to include details on your boat to include the make, model, overall length, and width as well as the details of your move.