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Sterling Boat Transport Llc Boat Hauling Coast to Coast - New Jersey Based

Sterling Boat Transport

Operating Nation Wide

Specializing in East Coast and Great Lakes Transports

Based in Southern New Jersey

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Sterling Boat Transport is an owner operator boat hauling company that operates across the continental United States. Based in New Jersey, most of my business is along the east coast and the great lakes region. 

My equipment is as follows:

Truck - 2014 Ram 4500
This is a heavy duty truck built to handle heavy loads. It has a Cummins Diesel that is rated to tow loads weighing up to 30,000 lbs. 

Boat Transport Trailer - 2013 Loadmaster Trailer Company 
This trailer is a 42' long boat transport trailer capable of hauling boats to 42' in length and up to 21,000 lbs. It was custom built by the fine folks at Loadmaster Trailer Company. Boats are securely and safely supported by adjustable keel pads located every three feet and by 12 screw pads. The screw pads can be positioned in over 90 pocket locations to ensure proper support.
In addition to hauling boats, this trailer can haul cars as it has decking outward from the center keel area where tires will track from most automobiles. 
Due to the flexibility of this trailer, I can haul other items such as LTL, motor cycles, heavy construction equipment, lawn and garden power equipment etc.

Boat Hydraulic Trailer - 2012 Hydraulic Trailer
This trailer has the ability to load your boat off of blocking and unload your boat onto blocking without the assistance of a marina travel lift or fork lift. The trailer will handle boats up to 36' and although it is rated to haul up to 20,000 lbs, I limit the weight to around 16,000 lbs. 

Please note that I do not load or unload boats from or into the water except on rare occasions and in those cases only fresh water.. My reason for this is that my trailers are not designed for water loading. As well, I make every effort to ensure my equipment is in top condition to ensure safe and timely delivery of your prized possession. Dipping trailers into the water salt or fresh will over time shorten the reliable life of the trailer.

 Proper planning, time management, and new, well maintained equipment ensures me that I can safely and reliably deliver your boat as you would expect. 
I keep customers well informed from the time of agreement until delivery.    

Sterling Boat Transport maintains $1,000,000.00 in liability insurance and $350,000.00 in cargo insurance.

Sterling Boat Transport is uniquely poised to be very competitive while assuring quality and reliable service.